Pirate Stadium

Long View, Texas


Pine Tree Independent School District


High School Sports

Project Area

110,000 Sq. Ft.

  • High School Sports

The stadium has numerous buildings and structures, and the selected structural systems were varied to be efficient for each building type and use. The restroom and concessions buildings are simple load bearing cmu buildings with cold-form roof joist framing with metal deck. The first-floor slab is slab-on-grade with a conventional grade beam and belled pier foundation. The lateral system is cmu shear walls strategically placed within the building. The press box is structural steel framing with beams, column, and bar joists. The elevated floors and roof are non-composite steel framing with metal deck. The lateral system for the press box is a series of concentric steel braced frames along each of the main column lines. The grandstand structure is a pre-engineered aluminum grandstand system on top of cast-in-place concrete columns/piers over deep belled piers