Tony Nasser

Tony Nasser, PE

Senior Project Manager

Sarasota, FL

Mr. Nasser is an experienced structural engineer with an extensive career that spans over 30 years, marked by expertise in the intricate realms of structural design and management. His professional journey has encompassed a diverse spectrum of projects, ranging from a 1-story house to a 40-story high-rise office building. 

In his design, Mr. Nasser has utilized various structural materials including reinforced concrete, post-tensioned concrete, structural steel, masonry, and wood. His notable contributions extend to internationally acclaimed projects such as the Disney Waterpark in Shanghai and the iconic Wachovia Tower Complex in Charlotte, NC. 

Specializing in earthquake design, hurricane wind design, and the intricate field of high-rise buildings, Mr. Nasser has consistently showcased his ability in tackling complex challenges. His remarkable track record is underscored by a commitment to delivering projects on schedule, and consistently staying within budgetary constraints. 

Mr. Nasser’s legacy in the world of structural engineering is defined by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a proven ability to bring structures to life with unparalleled skill and efficiency.